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Nurturing and Enriching alternative provision in Cambridgeshire

Woodventurers Woodland Learning

Woodventurers is a local alternative  education provider in Cambridgeshire.  The Woodventurers team is a group of educators who believe that with the right education programe, all children can succeed. Our aim is to re-ignite a passion for learning through interesting, enjoyable learning experiences.  Research shows that learning in a calming natural setting allows students to thrive. Therefore, we focus on improving mental health, well-being and academic achievement through Outdoor Learning.  We use our beautiful woodland setting in Hardwick but can equally bring our work to your outdoor space. 

To maximise the success of the programme and to give best value, we dedicate time to ensuring each bespoke programme is correctly tailored to meet individual needs. Aims and objectives are planned in close collaboration with relevant professionals, the pupils and/or their family. From this core plan, Woodventurers devise the programme of learning.

During their time with us, students record successes in a personalised ‘Woodland Passport’. This may contain  a specific certificate they’ve worked towards for example ‘nature spotter’, photos or artwork. Where appropriate, certificates can be in line with individual interests and motivations. Ultimately, it is a tangible momento for the learner to keep.

We realise working outdoors can be more risky than being inside a building. However, safety is one of our highest priorities. As such, to minimise risk to the young person, staff or others, all activities and working areas are rigorously risk assessed prior to a session

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Our work

Re-engages learners.
Bridges gaps in education.
Supports in mentally preparing for examinations.
Improves overall attainment.
Enables learners to reach their full potential.

Woodland Learning

Woodland Learning sessions give children access to learning through the means of nature-based education. Our Woodland Tutors teach pre-planned curriculum-led activities in a natural environment. This may have an academic focus or nurturing specific health and well-being needs. Session content is planned according to the individual needs and interests of the child/children in our care. A Woodland Learning programme can be short or long-term.

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Forest School

A Forest School programe reflects the same aim as Woodland Learning but with two fundamental differences in how the provision is planned. Firstly, the programme of sessions is long-term to allow free-flow learning at the child’s pace. Secondly, success is measured by outcome. Planning is done in the moment and tutors observations used to inform future sessions. Forest School sessions are not directed by a pre-conceived outcome as with Woodland Learning but focus on nurturing mental health and well-being and consequently building other transferable skills.

If you have any further questions or would like to book 

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