Woodventurers Woodland Learning

Nurturing and Enriching alternative provision in Cambridgeshire

Woodventurers is a local alternative  education provider based in Cambridgeshire run by Toni Rogers (Cambridge Forest Schools) and Nicki Proietti (Euonymus Training and Nurture). We believe that education is for all and with the right education programme all children can succeed.

Our work is focused on improving children’s mental health, well-being and academic achievement and we do this by teaching through nature and bushcraft in a calming natural setting. Our aim to re-ignite a passion for education through interesting, enjoyable learning experiences and we have a proven record of re-engaging children with learning through Forest School and Outdoor Learning.

Our Woodland Learning programmes allow children to access the curriculum by means of bespoke sessions, tailored to the needs of the individual. This in turn  builds their self-confidence , improves their self esteem and helps them develop a range of transferable life skills. 


Our work

Re-engages learners

Bridges gaps in education

Supports in mentally preparing for examinations

Improves overall attainment

Enables learners to reach their full potential

If you have any further questions or would like to book a Woodland Learning programme  we will be pleased to chat to you.

Contact us on 07803364278 or email office@woodventurers.co.uk