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Woodland Learning

What is Woodland Learning?

Woodland Learning is a form of Outdoor Learning aimed at teaching the curriculum outdoors in a natural setting. With an open roof, the outdoor classroom provides a stimulating, alternative learning platform. Programmes and consequently individual sessions, are planned according to fixed aims and pre-conceived outcomes. These can be academic or focused on well-being. For example outside maths, nature science, arts and craft using natural resources and storytelling. If appropriate, we can also include campfire cooking and using tools for designing and making.

Our provision

Our Woodland Learning provision is aimed at learners unable to effectively access mainstream schooling. Equally those who need a more creative, nurturing approach to academic learning. Or simply those who need a well-being intervention with the added bonus of an academic theme. Students can still access learning but in a less conventional way. Learning takes place in a natural space using seasonal, organic resources. Each programme of sessions is tailored to the individual and their specific learning needs. Woodland Tutors  design activities  according to each individual learning plan. Tutors make records  to track progress and feed into the overall programme evaluation. 

How to book

Complete the relevant expression of interest form below.

One of our programme coordinators will contact you to begin the consultation process.

Booking is secured with signed agreement and ‘best match’ tutors allocated.

We liaise with all relevant parties and design a bespoke learning programme.

Our tutors deliver the programme and give regular feedback on student progress.

The coordinator provides regular feedback to you.

Please ensure you read our Booking terms and conditions