Woodventurers Woodland Learning

Alternative Provision in Cambridgeshire

Alternative Provision

Bespoke sessions designed to meet the needs of the children in our care.

Re-engaging learners – bridging gaps in education – improving overall attainment.


Our carefully planned sessions may include nature arts and craft, campfire cooking, using tools for designing and making, storytelling, outside maths and nature science. We use our beautiful woodland setting and natural resources to facilitate fulfilling learning experiences that foster a love of learning. All activities are rigorously risk assessed; both in regards to the activity and setting, as well as individual plans and needs in order to minimise risks to the young person, staff or others. Sessions are tailored to the needs of the individuals and our Woodland Tutors keep daily records oflearning to monitor progress. Our feedback system ensures effective communication between all involved.

Building and constructing

Outdoor Maths

Chinese New Year

Threading beads


We work across Cambridgeshire with sites near the village of Hardwick, near Chatteris, Willingham and central Cambridge. Our site near Grafham Water will be operating after Easter. 

Types of sessions available

Woodland Learning: Outdoor classroom.

Our curriculum led learning programmes are designed to meet the needs of the students. They take place in a natural setting making use of natural resources as an aid for learning. Subjects include English, Maths, Science, History, Art and DT. (Initial booking minimum 3 sessions, second booking minimum 6 sessions)

Forest School

A long-term programme of Forest School sessions in our woods or on your site. Sessions follow the Forest School ethos and learning is completely child-led, nurture based and includes regular opportunities to develop bush-craft skills. (Initial booking minimum 6 sessions, second booking minimum 10 sessions)

Woodland Learning with bushcraft: Mental health, well-being and nurture.

These Forest School inspired sessions focus on developing our student’s positive mental health and well-being through a range of adult led practical activities including using tools, cooking on the fire, foraging, green woodworking. (Initial booking minimum 3 sessions, second booking minimum 6 sessions)

Complimentary therapies to support student needs or interests. 

Our team are trained in a variety of complementary therapies eg mindfulness. We also have links to private therapists who can be accessed on request. Sessions are integral to Woodland learning programmes at an additional cost. (minimum 3 sessions)

Level 1 Award in Outdoor Learning for Young People.

An accredited qualification designed for Young People aged 16+. A programme of 9 sessions covering health and safety outdoors, introduction to sustainability and practical bush-craft skills. Training is delivered by Cambridge Forest Schools. 

How do I go about booking?

Complete the relevant expression of interest form below so we can get to know the learners needs

One of our programme coordinators will contact you to discuss how we can help

We find the ‘best match’ tutors to work with the learner and best accommodate your requirements

Programme duration, days and times are confirmed with a signed SLA

Your allocated programme coordinator  design a bespoke learning programme in liaison with all relevant parties

Programme content and aims are agreed with all parties

Our tutors deliver the programme and give regular feedback on student progress.

The coordinator provides regular feedback to you.

Please ensure you read our Booking terms and conditions