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Wildventurers home School sessions

Wildventurers home school sessions combine subject based learning and outdoor woodland activities.  Our year long programmes follow the our ethos of providing child-led, holistic learning in the natural environment. In addition, subject based learning stems from children’s interests. Sessions take place in the hub and the woodland setting. Home school sessions also include creative activities, hands on project work and skills  such as using tools for making and cooking on the fire.  There are endless opportunities for building social and emotional skills, developing critical thinking and expressing their own ideas.  We adapt teaching styles and resources to suit all learning needs. 

Session are delivered by experienced tutors who are trained teachers and also qualified Forest School leaders.  Our tutors are fully DBS checked, attend regular safeguarding training and are qualified first aiders. 

What you need to know

Days: Monday and Wednesday

Times: 9.30 am – 2.30pm

Location: Swaffham Bulbeck, Cambridge

Age range: Mixed age groups age 7 +

Cost: £40 per day per child (6 week minimum booking)

How to book: contact enquiries@wildventurershomeschoolhub.co.uk 

Any questions? See our FAQ section at the bottom of the page. If that doesn’t answer what you need to know please email us .

What sorts of things will my child be doing?


Child led projects

We teach subjects through project work. An example is a child who asked what a rosehip was. First, they children were taught about the dog rose, seed dispersal and nutritional values. (Science) Then we researched and wrote out the recipe for Rosehip syrup. (English) The children measured the quantities needed.(Maths) and made the syrup. Finally, the tasting and experiencing first hand how children got their Vitamin C in times of rationing.(History)

Science and Nature

Looking after the environment and using our site sustainability are at the core of our work. Children learn about our native ecosystems and the species who dwell within. While working with natural resources, children learn about each species and how to identify them throughout the year. Further to this, we use the outdoor space to explore and experiment with scientific concepts on a larger scale. For example exploring forces by building arch bridges.

Art and Design

We use natural materials for craft activities which include weaving, felting, painting and drawing. We place value on traditional hand craft to develop fine motor skills and creativity. In addition, we value design projects that allow for sharing ideas and exploration. This includes learning about the design process and seeing a project evolve from paper to a finished product. We encourage children to work on both large and small scale.

Woodland learning

Wildventurers home school sessions include time spent in the woodland environment. Learning opportunities include the safe use of fire and tools. We teach skills in context such as learning knots to build a hammock or learning to light fires for cooking. Our tutors are Forest School trained and ensure safety at all times. In addition, children experience the environment in all elements.

Frequently asked questions

Can I drop off? Yes, you can leave your child with us for the full day. The tutor will meet them at the classroom. Your child will be released to you at the end of the session.

Can I stay for the session? We are happy for parents to stay and help during the session, contact our tutor who will give you all the information you need.

Do they need lunch? Yes, children will need a packed lunch and snacks for the day and bring a water bottle. We provide any food cooked on the campfire. We have a kettle and can help your child prepare a cuppa soup in colder weather.

What if it’s raining? Children should come dressed for the weather on the day so they can stay warm and dry during the woodland session. We also have our cosy classroom in which to work.

Do you cater for additional needs? Yes, our tutors have experience working with a range of abilities and additional needs. We just need you to share what we need to know and we’ll make sure your child is well looked after.